Celebreating Over 20 Years Of Excellence

With over 20 years experience creating custom kitchen cabinets and custom storage solutions for the whole home, Icon Kitchens Ltd. can design, build and install a solution that suits your style, space and budget.

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Yes we stress design and it is always our top priority. But you need to give us a call to find out what we're all about. What are you waiting for?


We are concerned about the smaller details. Every single element is made to look and work perfectly. We call it handcrafted perfection.

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Icon Kitchens has worked on numerous projects. From Kitchen cabinets and wine cellars, to living room installations. The best part is that they are all customized to your liking.

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In-House Designs. In-House Builds. In-House Deployment.

We work closely with builders and designers to create custom designs that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. Once the design has been approved, we move to the build phase, followed by the deployment and installation of your new cabinetry.

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